by Anne

Hi! My name is Anne; planner-addict, note-nerd, printable creator and the face behind ‘PlusdesPlans’.
I started making planner printables because I felt the number of printables already out there matching both my needs and taste was too small. Also, I can get tired of a design very quickly..

The first tries were horrible, as you can imagine, but it didn’t take all too long to get confident enough to start an Etsy shop and a freebie-site (not this one, tho).

Since the very beginning I wanted to not only have an Etsy shop, but a freebie-website on the side, too. I make A LOT of printables – and not even half make it to the shop. This can be for various reasons – most of the time they don’t fit one of my used categories/styles.

My tagline doesn’t mention ‘eclectic’ for nothing!

So, welcome on my (new) freebie-website ♡
I decided not to only post inserts that aren’t shop-proof, I have also made quite a collection of printable stickers, plus; I’m practicing my journal card-making skills/hobby.

If you didn’t find what you are looking for – not here or even in the shop – please don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail (or a convo on Etsy). I enjoy making custom designs, too – Although I do take a break from it from time to time because I tend to over-please and/or forget about my shop. Custom sizes for inserts are an option too.

Any other questions/suggestions are welcome via mail, I always love hearing from you.

Curious to what my printables look in my own planners? Take a look on my IG: @plusdesplansprintables – I’d appreciate it enormously if you would tag me when using one of my creations..

Please do come visit again (I publish regularly) and most of all,
Enjoy all the printable goodies!

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