Free download • Pocket Important Dates

by Anne

This ‘Important dates’ overview comes in handy when you want to track birthdays, anniversaries, appointments, etc. Print as many as you’d like 🖶 


🖈 Size : ‘Pocket’ ,  81mm×120mm / 3.2″x4.7″

🖈 Print on a 100% scale/’actual size’

🖈 Print one side with border, the other side without

🖈 PDF’s are available in US Letter size, A4 and Pocket

🖈 The PDF will open in a new tab, but you have to tap the download-button yourself!

🖈 For personal use only, but feel free to share a link ♡






Enjoy! x Anne
@plusdesplansprintables – plusdesplans on Etsy –

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